WRS List of Services & Benefits

WRS Membership

WRS is a membership organization. All of our Members are pre-screened and qualified and are required to uphold the principle of doing business honestly, honorably, ethically and with integrity. This is just one of the reasons WRS is set apart from the rest. Our members tell us more referrals are generated within the organization because Members can feel confident referring their valued clients, customers and loved ones to fellow WRS Members. As an approved Member of WRS, you have the opportunity to take advantage of any of our services and participate in any of our Networking Events. Please see below for additional information about the services we offer. For pricing information, please click here for WRS’ contact information and request to speak with one of our experienced Marketing Consultants.

WRS Networking Events throughout Southern California

WRS Members can attend and network at any and all our events and are not restricted to any one chapter. These events are designed for those who want to create a steady stream of referrals and build a solid referral based business by networking with all WRS Members. While utilizing the 30+ year proven unique method of networking at all our networking events, Members are able to learn about the types of referrals they can send to each other and how to effectively listen for referral opportunities beyond the obvious. Anyone can give an easy referral, but at our events WRS Members hone their referral giving skills so when they hear someone in need of something, Members know how to be proactive and make the referral to another member. We have proven that if you create a system of support between Members and show them effective ways to generate referrals for each other, they will give referrals generously, willingly and often. And WRS Members do just that. Our Members tell us that this phenomenon is unparalleled by any other organization in Southern California. Please see below for information with regard to the various networking event formats WRS offers. Click here to see chapter locations and additional reservation details or call to speak with one of our Marketing Consultants.

Networking Formats include:
  1. “Open” Meetings – Upon joining WRS, you will belong to all of our Chapters. WRS Members are welcomed to participate in any or all of our meetings at anytime. You can expect to leave having met, connected and established a rapport with many new contacts! Larger attendance is expected at these networking events, some 60-100 in attendance.
  2. “Exclusive” Meetings – Be the only person in your category in the chapter. Members form referral teams to enhance the number of referrals circulating in the chapter.

WRS Academy - Business & Marketing Training

Business marketing and sales training courses created, developed and presented by WRS Founder, President, and Sr. Marketing Consultant, Nancy Sardella. They are all different and all share her 30+ years of experience and her unique secrets and techniques responsible for creating new customers, in any economy. See below for a brief description of each or click here for detailed information.

  1. Marketing Your Business Workshop - Create an effective, state-of-the-art, well-rounded marketing plan for your business that includes learning what makes marketing work, how to inspire your customers to buy more and more often, what target groups are best suited for your business, how to find them, how to convert them into paying customers and how to write effective ads. Strategies include verbal, in print and on the Internet. Learn how to implement your marketing plan effectively and cost efficiently.
  2. Round Robin Workshop – Learn how to highlight your business in 30 seconds, so you light the flame of desire with potential customers and inspire them to take action!
  3. Networking in WRS Orientation Seminar – Learn the unique WRS method of networking and begin to generate new business as quickly as possible! To eliminate any learning curve, this seminar is included with your Membership. The information you glean from this seminar will ensure that you benefit from your Membership right away! You will learn how to network effectively in WRS, utilizing our unique Networking Methods and how to create a steady stream of new referrals in WRS. This seminar shares exactly what you can expect from other WRS Members and they from you, and it is a great opportunity to jumpstart your Membership by meeting and connecting with other new Members and WRS Officers.
  4. Non-Selling Sales Coaching – Perhaps you are skilled at lighting the flame of desire with potential customers, but if you can’t close them when they contact you...what is the point? Knowing how to close the sale 80% of the time is essential to building a successful business. Knowing how to do this without hard selling or applying pressure is key to closing the sale. Becoming skilled at both is what you will do in these one-on-one Sales Training coaching sessions facilitated by our Sr. Marketing Consultant, Nancy Sardella. She will support you through creating a customized sales presentation that clearly and comfortably outlines your services so you light the flame of desire with your potential customers so they choose you!

Advertising Visibility in Print

WRS offers the opportunity to be visible in our two annual publications, the WRS Blue Book and the yellow WRS Referral Guide. WRS ensures that your name gets in front of consumers, company executives, corporations, non – profits, clients, and customers who are seriously seeking service providers they can trust. WRS Members distribute the directories to their circle of friends, family, associates, and clients. They are the tools Members use to refer business to each other. Additionally, these directories are distributed through our database of 600,000 business owners, and the yellow WRS Referral Guide is distributed through many independent bookstores. This visibility also augments your networking efforts and generates new business and new referrals for you when you can’t attend networking events. All advertisers must complete the WRS pre-approval application process and receive the WRS Seal of Approval. Click here for detailed information.

Online Website Visibility at referral-guide.com

Our site is #1-3 on the Google Search Engine. Listings, Banners, Round Robin Banners, and Top Of Categories are all available and will link to your business website. It’s the only online referral service that we know of, that pre-qualifies and monitors those listed, assuring customers they can trust the services of our advertisers. In addition to being top ranked on Google, WRS markets this referral website, via an ongoing marketing campaign, to 600,000 business owners and professionals in our database throughout Southern California. Our marketing strategies point customers to the advertisers listed. Click here to check it out!

Social Media and WRS

Who are you connected to through social media? Many business owners and professionals abandoned their traditional marketing strategies in the hopes that their social media platforms will be a quick, cheap, and easy way to generate new customers only to find that this very time consuming effort produced little or no paying customers. While the effectiveness of using social media platforms will never replace the effectiveness of the relationships you build via “live forums” where you can look someone in the eye, shake their hand and build trust, it can still be used as an effective tool as part of your marketing strategy IF implemented correctly. What social media platforms should do is point your prospective customers to your website and your website should inspire them to buy. If it is not doing this, perhaps a review of how you are positioning yourself on the Internet by someone who is skilled and qualified in this arena is necessary. As part of your Membership, WRS invites all WRS Members to join the WRS Facebook page, which is a private forum for only approved WRS Members. This is an opportunity for members to be connected to other pre-screened and qualified Members through social media. It also serves as an opportunity for WRS Members to network online with Members they may or may not know, depending on what networking events each Member attends. Lastly, there are special networking opportunities available for Members on Facebook that enhance WRS Member-to-Member referrals.

AMS – Advanced Marketing Services

Private one-on-one consulting. Remember, Marketing is only expensive if it doesn’t bring in new customers! How much money have you already wasted trying things that didn’t work? Maybe it is time to get it done right! Individual sessions with WRS President, Founder and Sr. Marketing Consultant, Nancy Sardella, will support you in creating and implementing proven and cost effective marketing techniques specific to your business and effective in today’s marketplace. If your time is limited, WRS can also create and implement your marketing for you, or a combination of the two depending on your time and how many new customers you want to generate. Advanced Marketing Services is designed to help you with your marketing and ensure you get the right message to the right people at the right time so customers/clients take action and buy your service or product, in any economy. If your website is not bringing you new customers, perhaps a content review is needed. Nancy Sardella specializes in writing marketing content that gets results, including website content review and creation. Click here for detailed information.

Marketing Support from WRS – ongoing

WRS is committed to the success of every member. Members are welcome to call in for a complimentary marketing check up and analysis with one of our Marketing Consultants so they get the support they need to build an ongoing, solid referral based business.
Want a FREE marketing analysis before you join? Click here.

Marketing our Members – How does WRS promote our Members?

WRS implements a variety of marketing strategies highlighting and featuring our Members at no extra cost. We promote and market our Members to our database of 600,000 business owners and professionals in private practice each year. And because all Members are pre-approved, we can promote you with confidence!

Telephone Referral Listing

WRS has, over the last 30+ years, accumulated a loyal following of consumers who use WRS Members first. These consumers either use our online referral service at referral-guide.com, or they call in to ask for a recommendation of our pre-screened and qualified Members. Once you are approved for membership you are listed in this referral data bank. When consumers call us requesting a service, we refer them to our pre-approved Members.

If you would like more information, please contact us and speak with one of our experienced Marketing Consultants!