Are You Too Busy To Market and Promote Your Business?

Nancy Sardella, WRS President & Sr. Marketing Consultant

If you are like most business owners you are probably very busy. Sometimes it seems we have to work twice as hard just to stay even. I often hear: “I know I need to market and promote my business but I am just too busy.” This is compounded with the fact that if you are the person who is actually servicing the client/customer coupled with all the other tasks that need to be handled…there is just no time left! On top of all that…many business owners are at their wits ends with all the social media efforts they feel they now have to add to their business marketing menu…the frustration level is at its peak!

Believe me I know. Having been in business for over 30 years and worked with over 70,000 business owners and professionals in private practice, I realized years ago that if I did not create the time to market my business I was eventually not going to have one! Therefore I thought I would share some ideas and suggestions about how to find the time to market your business.

Since a long weekend is coming up, perhaps you can carve out some time to sit down, do some business growth planning, read through this news brief and think about where you want your business to be in 6 months or 1 year from now and what do you have to do, i.e. what actions are necessary, to reach your goals. I know ... I know...not the most fun thing to be doing on a holiday weekend, but I promise this process will do wonders for your business and give it a revenue boost!

When working with my clients faced with this “time” dilemma, I ask this question: Is your business generating all the new customer revenue you desire or are you doing busy work that keeps you from doing what you need to do to create new business? The reality is if you have all the customers you want, chances are your current marketing is working. However, if you are too busy because you are working on tasks that can be delegated, perhaps now is the time to prioritize and delegate your workload so you create time to work on your business and bring in the customers you desire in order to grow it…or find someone to either help you do it or someone who can do it for you! Every healthy business has an ongoing marketing strategy in place and in play at all times.*

If you ask yourself where is your business going to be in 6 months and your answer is either I don’t know or not in a growth mode, it is indeed time to make some serious decisions about your business goals.

What WRS can do is support you with creating and implementing your marketing needs cost effectively and time efficiently. From coaching you about effective marketing strategies for your business to helping you find the time to implement your marketing yourself or we can actually implement your marketing for you or provide a combination thereof. With all the services WRS offers, finding time to create and have an ongoing marketing strategy in place and in play can be an obstacle of the past and is just a phone call away. See links to our Services below.

While we may not be the right marketing solution for everyone, please feel free to contact us for information to determine if we are the right fit to help you acquire new customers, clients, or patients.

It would be an honor to be of service and we look forward to helping your business get more business!

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*Studies show that if you do not have a marketing strategy in place at all times, while you may have a full client base now, with attrition and other factors in play, your customer base will dwindle if those who leave, for whatever reason, are not replaced.