Is Your Business Positioned for a New Marketplace?

Nancy Sardella, WRS President & Sr. Marketing Consultant

While there is much talk that we are at the beginning of what financial experts deem as ‘recovery,’ business owners need to face the fact that the marketplace has changed…permanently. With regard to acquiring new customers, we have shifted into a new paradigm for one primary reason…customers have changed their buying patterns and simply are not buying as freely as they once did. This shift, we are told, is permanent and will last beyond the recession. While this trend may be good for individuals, we business owners need to be proactive and learn how to keep our businesses healthy: i.e. new customers flowing in the door at a steady pace in this new marketplace and in spite of this shift.

Knowing how to do this requires some serious research, thought and even some additional training with regard to marketing our businesses in this new economy.

So… what has changed?

  • Customers think twice, three or four times, about spending.
  • Since the new trend is to ‘save money,’ many consumers have adopted the mantra “Do I really need this?” before making a buying decision and are often buying only what they need.
  • The sales cycle is much longer than it once was.
  • “In person” relationship marketing is back and will top the charts. This includes more than any social media platforms you may be using to promote your business (although the verdict is still out as to the effectiveness of this new medium to actually create revenue).

How do you know if your marketing, networking, and advertising is working and/or if you need support?

The answer is pretty basic:

If you don’t have all the customers you want, it may be time to do something proactive about it.

If you are spending more marketing dollars than you are reaping, your marketing is not working. Perhaps someone more experienced can help you modify and fine-tune your current strategies.

If you do not have an effective ongoing marketing plan that is bringing in new business, it is time to create a cost effective strategy tailored to your business… or you may find yourself without one!

What do we need to do? Business is not as usual!

As savvy marketing directors of our companies, we need to acquire the skill of knowing how to determine which marketing options are right for our business. Also a good idea: knowing how to present our services and products in such a way that it moves the flame of desire from the “I want this” to the “I need this” emotion. This is a primary marketing skill that needs to be acquired and added to your marketing toolbox. Acquiring this skill will also save you thousands of dollars in wasted marketing efforts.

Building relationships with people who have the ability to refer business to us is key to building a successful business. It is a known fact: the more people who know and trust us, the more referrals we generate. Make attending ‘live’ networking events an essential part of your marketing strategy. Keep in mind that social media platforms will never replace the effectiveness of the relationships you can build via ‘live forums’ where you can look someone in the eye, shake their hand, and build trust.

We also need to be certain we know how to position ourselves in the marketplace so potential customers respond to our marketing outreach. Obviously, in order for our potential customers to respond to our advertising, we need to be visible and market and advertise our business to the right target group and on a consistent basis, or our potential customers will be choosing our competitors!

If you need assistance with your marketing and acquiring a steady stream of new business, I invite you to contact us about our various marketing services or click here for a mini marking analysis and one of our marketing consultants can offer you marketing options designed to meet to your specific needs and business goals.

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