How Effective is Your Networking?

Nancy Sardella, WRS President & Sr. Marketing Consultant

Bottom line - If you prefer to attend networking events to build referrals, then you have to constantly ask yourself these questions: Is your networking as effective as you want it to be? Are you getting the return you want? Is the time and money you spend actually paying off?

If you are happy with your results, congratulations, WRS obviously knows how beneficial networking can be. If your answer is “I still don't have all the customers I need,” then maybe it is time to think about doing something that will help you create a steady stream of new referrals.

If your networking is not producing the results you want, or perhaps your social media marketing efforts are still not producing the results you need, maybe it's time to take a look at the Leading and most effective networking organization in Southern California, since 1977...a pioneer and still the leader!

Could you imagine what would happen to your business if 2,000 WRS Members were very committed and knew you well enough to know exactly who in their circle of influence would be a quality referral for you? What if these same Members were eager to tell at least 10 people they cared about most, about you, and about the services you provide? What if they actually considered it an honor to recommend you whenever they had the opportunity? If you think about it, networking is all about building business relationships so someone feels confident recommending you. Chances are, if you do not have a “steady stream” of referrals coming your way your networking is not really working. If you are tired of people not caring about what you do or about sending you referrals…know that WRS members go out of their way to refer business to each other! Log on to our testimonial page and call them!

WRS is the only organization where you can shake hands with all our 2,000 members who are committed to sending each other referrals and do so often! Remember...2,000 members x 10 = at the very least, 20,000 potential referrals circulating in WRS. As a matter of fact, our Members tell us they are sailing through this recession because of all the referrals they give to each other! Yes, even if there are other members in WRS in your same profession or will find there is plenty of business for all WRS Members. Remember too... these are not bogus leads ...WRS Members refer viable, quality referrals who are ready to buy. If you are tired of searching for leads to bring to meetings and receiving mandatory “bogus” leads, there are other options…There are no Lead requirements in WRS, yet members tell us more referrals circulate in WRS than any other organization they have ever belonged to.

Open and Exclusive Networking Events:

If you are tired of only having one meeting and one “type” of meeting format you can attend. If you are tired of going to “small” meetings week after week spending time and money and not getting anything in return… Once you are a WRS member you can attend any and all WRS Chapters in So. Calif. and network with all our 2,000 Members. WRS members are never limited to just one chapter and we offer a variety of different networking formats. At WRS networking events you can reach a wider target audience with more members in the room!

If you are tired of paying dues and not getting the results you want…WRS is the only organization with a no annual dues option. Not only are we the first and most effective, we are also the only organization that is confident enough to have a no annual dues option, no penalty fees, no sales pitches or lead requirements. Not to mention we have a variety of meeting formats to suit any networking palette.

As you may know, WRS provides a variety of services to help you generate new customers...yes, in any economy. For those of you who are too busy to network, we have strategies available for you to be visible to our 2,000 members as well as to your specific target groups! If you need more marketing support than just networking... Log on to our list of services and benefits.

If you are simply ready to generate new business.... Worthwhile Referral Sources has 2,000 WRS members who are ready and eager to send referrals your way!

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We look forward to helping your business get more business!

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